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Elicia Moreno

Waterford, NY

My carpal tunnel rehabilitation

Being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome affected my work so much, more so, my finances. The medication and rehabilitation was expensive. Then I came across a post that lead me to Wristalert. I get to maintain good hand posture while wearing the sleeve to continue my rehabilitation. A solution that’s less costly, I love it.


Very effective product

For someone who’s working long hours on a desk job, I recommend that you use WristAlert. This product worked well for me, and will surely do for you, too. I’m a satisfied user because it truly helped me maintain a good posture and prevent injuries that this type of work can cause.


Gives you your money's worth, truly satisfied!

I can now say goodbye to carpal tunnel syndrome and all other expenses it must have cost me if I didn’t find Wristalert. It’s truly worth the price because it’s effective and very useful for me.

Gonzales, CA

I’ve been unaware of my posture all my life.

Good posture does the trick indeed! I was suffering from CTS for few weeks. I wasn’t sure which caused it at first, because the work I do doesn’t require repetitive movements. Then I realized that bad hand posture in most activities I do caused my CTS. With WristAlert, making good posture a habit is easier. It vibrates every time you have bad posture, keeping you aware of how you position your hand.


Continuing my posture training

The first few hours of use already amazed me. I never thought having good posture can help me do work more effectively. WristAlert is a device that alerts you every time your hand is in a bad posture. And that’s great because bad posture can cause you wrist pain and further injury if you don’t give attention to it.


I recommend Wristalert, experts do, too!

I’ve tried a lot of wristbands before, but none of them worked for me. Then there’s WristAlert, it worked well for me because I was able to maintain good hand posture for about 90% in my first day of trial. And as far as I can remember, that has never happened before.


Safety first

My daily routine as a cleaner can be super exhausting. And the work I do caused pain in my back and wrist several times already. Good thing there are tools like WristAlert that helps me maintain good posture when working.


Goodbye carpal tunnel pain!

No more carpal tunnel pain! Thanks to WristAlert CTS Smart Guard! It’s easy to use and really effective.


Best product for me, it could be for you, too.

I never thought a product can satisfy me as much as WristAlert has. I’m more aware of my hand’s posture because of this device. Being an athlete, finding the best tools to help me perform at my best is so important. WristAlert is now definitely a necessity.

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