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What makes WristAlert different from a regular wrist brace?

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For $99, you’re getting more for your money than a regular wrist brace. For $99, you’re getting a complete solution.

Do you like throwing away money? Statistics show purchasing a regular wrist brace is not a good investment

Studies have shown that compliance rates for splint wearing vary depending on use and type of splint.  But all of the studies showed low compliance rates in general, from as little as 25%”

Meaning: if you take 100 people, only 25 will continue to use the standard splints.

“There are a variety of reasons we don’t wear them, most often for comfort reasons or because they make activities more difficult.  Splints can be uncomfortable. People tend to be less compliant in wearing hard splints than soft splints. Splints are uncomfortable if fitted incorrectly so that they rub or pinch. This is a common problem with hard splints, which often need some extra padding around bony prominences. Splints can also get sweaty, smelly, wet and dirty. They can take a long time to dry after washing them. Fasteners can get hooked on clothing or the splint may be bulky, narrowing clothing choices.”  

This is why we chose to remove any hard splints and designed WristAlert with soft, yet supportive materials that feature a compact, unparalleled comfortability, and breathable design. We’ve added sensors to the WristAlert CTS Smart Guard to provide you with a carpal tunnel exercise program that is designed to help reduce your carpal tunnel pain.

Source: https://www.healthcentral.com/article/wrist-splints-pros-and-cons-and-ideas-to-make-wearing-any-splint-more-bearable

How it works:

Carpal Tunnel Exercise program

The carpal tunnel exercise program consists of an 8 stage program with video games that interact with the movement of the WristAlert CTS Smart Guard.  It’s on your phone and simply the easiest and most convenient thing you can do to improve your health. You can learn more here (http://handpain.io/the-program/). 

We’ve seen our users experience less pain in as early as one week when they follow the therapy program within the WristAlert app. The program provides a daily step by step guide on what exactly to do to get pain reduction.  You can download here (Click on the iPhone or Android button directly below):

WristAlert Reviews

To see more customer reviews, visit: https://handpain.io/reviews/

We’re Here To Help

At WristAlert our products make getting better much easier and quicker by providing a detailed, therapist recommended program. Feel free to contact WristAlert experts at 4082036130 and ask if you have questions about your diagnosis.


Doug Hoang, CEO of WristAlert




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